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Premium access to experts around the world

We connect our clients with experts via conference calls and face-to-face meetings

Providing insights

Qalis connects investors with experts of many sectors and countries to help them improve information understanding and develop specific knowledge. Qalis is a Paris-based independent company founded in 2011.

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Meet a Qalis expert

Meet a Qalis expert

For short and long missions, Qalis will connect you with the right experts. Get the insight you need.

The Qalis team


Coming from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, our team shares the belief in tailor-made solutions. Based in Paris and in Africa, the Qalis team supports clients in rolling out their businesses to performance and growth.

  • Romain de Boissieu

    Romain de Boissieu

    Founder & Partner

  • Marion Rivière

    Marion Rivière


  • Alastair Newton

    Alastair Newton

    Senior Advisor

Meet a Qalis expert